Unsolicited Administrator emails *** WARNING ***

You migh have received or migh receive unsolicitedemails with a subject line 'Administrator'. Please note that we do not send Word documents as attachements. Do not open these types of attacekmnts as they may include harm ful macros (hidden instructions) to take control of your computer.

All our emails have our own email signature at the bottom. This email does not.

What to lookk for:
1. All our emails have our own email signature at the bottom. This email does not.
2. It may be address to to hor host account name and not addressed to you personally.
3. Attachement file name is a number not a file name.
4. Content of the document does not relate to you

Please delete this email as soon as you receive. *** !! DO NOT OPEN !! ***

==== email content ==========


This attachment (ref. #388400657.doc) provides you with managing facilities for your mailboxes, public folders, distribution lists, contact and mail service general settings. Please save the attached file to your hard drive before deleting this message.


Thank you,



Please let me know if I can provide any further assistance.

Kind regards,

Faruk Ozturkmen

Shopping Websites (aka OAVS)

Small Business Website Solution Consultant/Developer
Microsoft visual basic, excel and msql database developer  

13 merrilaine crescent | suite 1 | merrimac | qld | 4226
617.5525.3922 (w) | 0414 75 79 39 (m) | skype faruk.ozturkmen | mailto:info@shoppingwebsites.com.au
web site: shoppingwebsites.com.au 
office hours: between 9-5pm mon-fri (EST) excl. holidays.


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Thursday, July 30, 2015

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