As we get closer to end of financial year, please be very careful of emails you receive. 
Here is (screen capture only) one below. There are two give aways as I have highlighted.

1. Email address coming from  <>  NOT from  website AND it is NOT a Australian domain name. All Australian domain names ends with
 If you receive such similar email, do NOT click on the link highlighted in red. If you just hover over the link 'Renewal letter'  you can see it's destination which has nothing to do with ASIC  and It is not in Australia.

If you have concerns about the email you have received or suspected of being infected any of the malware or virus, please contact Shopping Websites through our contact page. 

You can find other SCAM alerts at Australian Government website at 

Suspected email ASIC Scam screen capture.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

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