I don't understand the difference between a domain, a website and a web host.

We like to use the "Car / Garage / Main Roads Department MRD" analogy.

Your domain is like the license plate (registration) for your car. With it, you can be identified and located on the world wide web.

You can't get a license plate for your car until you register it, nor can you have a domain until you register it, either.

A domain registrar is like the Main Roads Department of the internet. You use a registrar to register your domain for a period of time - 2, 5 or more years.

Once you have registered your domain, you need a place to park it - a "garage". A web host is where you do that.

Now that you have registered your domain, and have a place to host it, you need to set up your website - your "car" - for all the world to see.

Website - Car
Registrar - MRD Domain
Registration - Registration
Domain - License Plate
Web Host - Garage (Note: Garage is like a storage area. Among many other virtual things, you can keep files, web pages or email accounts and emails)

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