How do I Change the Ownership of my .au Domain Name

A registrant name change is the process of transferring the ownership of a domain name ending in .au from one party to another. A transfer of ownership will start a new registration of the domain to the receiving entity, who will need to meet the eligibility requirements to hold the registration of the domain.

The following requirements must be met to successfully complete the Registrant name change form:

  • The domain name is currently registered through Shopping Websites (a.k.a. OAVS) .
  • The correct spelling for the domain name.
  • The current registrant contact details for the domain name are valid and accessible. A confirmation request will be sent to the registrant contact email address.  Perform a whois search if this is not known.
  • Valid credit card details.
  • The domain Authcode (EPP / Domain password).

How to change the ownership of a .AU domain name via my Admin Panel

  1. Login to the Console Admin Panel
  2. Hover over 'Domains' and click '.au Registrant Name Change'
  3. Enter the .AU domain name for which you need to change ownership, you can choose to enter multiple domain names
  4. Select the existing Customer reference or enter a new customer
  5. Enter the new .AU eligibility information
  6. Tick the box to confirm “I certify that the domain has a close & substantial connection to the person/business that it is intended to represent."
  7. Tick the box agreeing to our terms and conditions
  8. Click Submit

An email will be sent to the current registrant which will instruct to confirm or decline the registrant name change. Once confirmed, the domain ownership will be updated and the payment will be deducted from your prepaid account directly (allowing you to manage billing of your own customer). Note that the whitelabel registrant name change form is still available for resellers who want us to handle billing for their customers – simply set your retail price and provide the direct transfer of ownership link to your customer. Speak with our reseller support team if you need help with this.

Condition of transfer

The licence (ownership) of any .au domain may be offered for transfer (or “sale”) to another  entity or party by any means and for any reason on the condition that the gaining entity or party meets the eligibility criteria for the registration of a .au domain name.

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