How to Delete Emails from Your Web Server (WebMail)

Is your mail account filled up with spam and is taking up your disk space? 

1. Log in to your Control Panel provided by your webhost (or login directly via http://www.YOURDOMAINNAME.COM.AU/webmail) . You will be asked to enter a username and a password. Username is the full email address you want to clean and the password beloging to the same email account.

2. Go to Webmail Login

3. Go to Email Accounts. You will see a screen with a list of all the email programs your cPanel has to offer. Select Squirrelmail, but you can tweak the following steps to suit any email program you use.

4. Once inside Squirrelmail, tyou will see email box. Go to Inbox. If you have 1000 emails or so, just click on the ‘Show All’ button under ‘INBOX’ at the top. This will list all the emails at once instead of only 15 per page. Then, click on ‘Select All’ or ‘Toggle All’ button next to it and all the emails will get selected. Next, click on ‘Delete’ on the right side top (under ‘Transform Selected Messages’) and you are done. Each function will take some time, so be patient and let the page load completely before moving to the next action.

5. If you have more than 100 emails, Go to the ‘Options’ link on the top and click.

6. You will come to this screen. Click on ‘Display Preferences’.

7. On the ‘Display Preferences’ options page, scroll down to ‘Mailbox Display Options’ and change the number of emails displayed on each page from the default ’15′ to a number your internet connection can easily handle. A 100 or 500 or a 1000. Click on the ‘Submit’ button below and your new settings are saved.

8. Come back to the inbox and you will now see a 1000 messages on each page. Now, repeat the actions in Step 4 i.e. Select All > Delete. In about 20 minutes and 23 steps later,

9. But you are not done yet. The emails are only out of your inbox, not your server. They are still in the ‘Trash’ box and very much taking up the same amount of space on your server. To completely remove them, click on the ‘Purge’ button seen in the left side, blue column. If you do not see a Purge button, click on ‘Check Mail’ below the time in the blue column. That will ‘refresh’ the blue column and the Purge button will re-appear.

If you have too many emails to delete, it would be generally a good idea to hit the ‘Purge’ button every now and then i.e. after 3000-4000 deletions. There you go! Your space is all cleaned up now.

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