Dec 21st Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Hi, As 2021 draws to a close I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you a safe and happy holiday season from all of us (me).I'd like to thank you for your support throughout 2020 and hope you've had a great year. On another positive note, we've just turned 24 years old in December! This is a tribute to the loyalty of our clients and reflects ... Read More »

Aug 23rd The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now

The Heartbleed Hit List: The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now An encryption flaw called the Heartbleed bug is already being dubbed one of the biggest security threats the Internet has ever seen. The bug has affected many popular websites and services — ones you might use every day, like Gmail and Facebook — and could have quietly ... Read More »

May 28th ASIC Messaging Service SCAM

As we get closer to end of financial year, please be very careful of emails you receive. Here is (screen capture only) one below. There are two give aways as I have highlighted. 1. Email address coming from  <>  NOT from  website AND it is NOT a Australian domain name. All ... Read More »

May 14th Warning Signs for Malware & Ransomware

Ransomware is a type of malware used to extort money from victims by preventing access to their computer or files.CryptoLocker is spread by a variety of means, primarily as an attachment in fake email messages such as tax refund notifications, but also via a number of other less conspicuous methods. How this scam works Malware scammers send ... Read More »

May 3rd auDA announces .au direct registrations... and more

Dear Customer, The auDA Board recently announced their decision to accept direct registrations in .au domains, for example instead of The introduction of direct registrations will allow users to register shorter, more memorable domain names and offer Australians more choice in domain registrations. A comprehensive ... Read More »

Mar 21st Windows 10 Skylake Fiasco - You must watch if you are using Windows 7/8 or 10

Windows 10 Skylake Fiasco - You must watch if you are using Windows 7/8 or 10
Please watch what Microsofts plans for the future on operating system Windows 10 and beyond and how it may affect you and your privacy.

Aug 3rd Newly Released Domain Names from OAVS - Be the first to check-it out!

We have just released new additional gTDLs.  So if you already have a domain for example  you can now add as a new domain name (.com/ or other known  domain extensions are no longer needed with these new extensions. You still keep your existing .com/ domain. Following extensions are just to ... Read More »

Jul 30th Unsolicited Administrator emails *** WARNING ***

Unsolicited Administrator emails *** WARNING ***You migh have received or migh receive unsolicitedemails with a subject line 'Administrator'. Please note that we do not send Word documents as attachements. Do not open these types of attacekmnts as they may include harm ful macros (hidden instructions) to take control of your computer.All our ... Read More »

Jun 22nd Security For Your Website is Now Available

Dear Customer,1 year Security For Your Website Our service eases your website visitors' security concerns by reminding them that your site is part of the SECURE web. McAfee is the only security certification that's integrated into every stage of the buying experience—from search results all the way to the shopping cart. That's what being part of ... Read More »

Mar 1st SEO Scams to Watch Out For

We all know the internet is full of scams. In the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) field there is no exception and you will see lots of attractive claims that are simply false and end in pain for business owners. Of course the scammers are able to continue offering all sorts of wonderful deals because the Internet allows them access to millions ... Read More »

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