How many times have you asked this this question before? ... and still confused? are not alone, read on.

Writing testimonials will interlink (creating inbound links) with our pages thus increasing the potential of your page displaying at a higher ranking (Google Positioning) on Google Search Results. Shopping Websites has a ranking of 3/10 . To put this in a perspective with some other larger organisation websites we are very proud to have our current page ranking. Most website has no ranking at all and this may also include yours. 

Providing your own testimonials will have positive effects on your website and these benefits are listed and explained on our website. Post your testimonial at this link  to be included on our website.

We made writing testimonials very easy by providing online form and with some testimonial ideas.  

Here is a sample of current website rankings by Google:

As you can see that it is not that easy when you are only a drop in the internet ocean however this is method of inbound linking is a good start to help your website.

National Bank  7/10
Myer  6/10
Google  7/10
Yellow Pages  7/10
Oxfam  6/10
Shopping Websites 3/10 

If you are curious and want to see your own ranking, you need to install Google Tool bar extension for Google Chrome Browser at 

Please note ranking or inbound link is only one of the many ways you can help your website to be found. We also strongly advise that you further try these techniques on this (click here) forum. Read more about the Page Ranking on our website here 

When you are writing your testimonials, it is advisable that you mention (within the context of the testimonial) the nature of your business and or services and the main product (key-wording) you promote. See our testimonials for ideas. 

I hope to receive your favourable testimonials soon. 

Faruk Ozturkmen
Shopping Websites (a.k.a. OAVS)


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

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