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+0490 221 978

TeamViewer QuickSupport

 Price: Free

FREE DOWNLOAD Version from below

Download manual : Click here to download PDF file

How To Use TeamViewer - YouTube

Start TeamViewer

1. Start TeamViewer “QuickSupport” after download completed.

2. Call us under telephone number +5525  3922 or SMS ID and the Password

3. Select “Run” from the appearing Pop-up Menu and confirm any security pop-ups.
Remote connection will be possible as soon as the green light in lower left corner indicates.
As soon as the application is fully available, please provide your  “Your ID”, we will start to establish the connection and will ask for the password. Please provide it!

Connection will be established which is indicated by the TeamViewer pane.

The user agrees that actions and solutions implemented by the Shopping Websites (OAVS) support engineer are entirely at the user’s own risk. Remote support is provided without warranties of any kind. Shopping Websites or its employees will not be liable for any direct, indirect, or other damages, loss, cost or liability whatsoever that result from, or are related to the remote help session provided by Shopping Websites



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